The Global Ranking Center for players, renamed "Ranking"; is a website designed and implemented by IT management of Rezvani Game . The website of Ranking of Rezvani Game is a universal and valid website for ranking and recording the abilities and talents of human in the field of play and sports, which are sometimes not discovered and sometimes not worthy of consideration and flourishing, as well as there was no official authority to prove the claims and to introduce suspected people. Now with the launch of the Ranking Website, Rezvani has arrived in this important field that was neglected by human attention and is trying to eliminate this vacuum.

on the website of Rezvani Ranking, any person, whether is a lady or a gentleman, a child, young or old, is no different.

Anyone , regardless of his field of study and profession, can enter the Ranking website of Rezvani Game from anywhere in the world, regardless of his geographical location and play and simply join it, choose from a variety of games, choose your favorite discipline and get the first global record and show the result of your favorite sports and games.

Any user of the Ranking website can be a member of their favorite sport or game, then choose their opponent from among the family, friends or any member of the Ranking website member and invite to the competition.Customers can choose any club game net, or any venue equipped with the necessary equipment for the game or sport as the venue for the competition.

Eventually, after the end of the match, the result is registered by the contestants and according to their total score, each find their own global rank.

Apart from the score and the result of the games, there are stars that are displayed in the user profile. The stars will be present on the basis of observance of the rules and regulations as well as competitions with features such as playing in selected clubs of Rezvani and confirming the authenticity of the game by sending photos and etc.

The Ranking Website, as the global center of ranking the gamers, analyzes and processes results, processes the ranking of gamers globally, and each user can refer to the website by viewing different ratings in different games and sports.And log in to your account of your national and global position in the intended game.