Ranking Rules

1- Membership on the website

Address of the Ranking Website

The address of the Ranking Website Ranking website is under the domain of the main website of Rezvani Game with the URL ranking.rezvanigame.com available online to the public.

User account for subscription

Users will be logged on to the registration website and enter the username (only the letters of the character and Latin number will be allowed) and the desired password in the membership form, and then select the membership button, the member of the registered website and in The next time you enter your username and password, enter your account.

Completing the account

By creating an account, after the first login to the account, the temporary features of the website are inactive and the user must select the button to edit the account to complete the account (name, gender, country).

The user account image

The user account image will be editable and the user can upload his favorite image to display on his account page. If the selected image is not the user's face (nature image ...), if they compete with the referee, the star will be lost and will not be approved by the referee.

If the images of others and pornographic images are used for the account image, the account of that person is blocked.

2- Membership in games

Membership in the game

After completing the account, the games page will be changed and enabled, on this page a variety of games and sports will be visible, which the user can indefinitely be a member of the favorite disciplines. For membership, just mark the page on the game box and click the join button and then select the login button.

Exit the game

The user may not be able to attend active and responding to competition requests for reasons such as travel and student exams; they can choose the option to leave. It should be noted that if you leave the game, the user's history and user privileges will remain in that game, and there will not be any rejoinable reunion.

3- Create a contest and register the result

Select the opponent

After entering the desired game page, you will see a box labeled the opponent's choice, in this box there will be a place to search for users based on their username by entering each character, users with the same username will be shown dynamically with image, rating. After selecting the intended user, the ability to activate features such as club and arbitration (as described below) will also be possible for the game, and will eventually be sent to the user by selecting the invitation button.

Sent Invitations

In the Sent box, show a list of invite to the competition. It is noteworthy that the maximum number of calls sent by each user  in each game is 5, and if the capacity is completed, after the assignment of the request by the destination user or cancellation by the user of the originator, the possibility of sending a new invitation will be possible. For each invite, there are buttons to chat as well as cancellations.

Received Invitations

In the Received box show a list of invitations received for the competition. Here as well as the maximum number of invitations received, each user in each game is 5, and if the capacity is completed, it will be possible to receive a new invitation after the assignment is made by the receiving user or the request is canceled by the sending user.

The user receiving the request has only 24 hours to accept or deny the request, which will automatically be deleted if this 24-hour deadline and the user's default is set. Before accepting or refusing an application, there is also the possibility of a conversation, and the user can, by choosing the chat button, make the necessary coordination for the time and place of running the competition.

Submit Results

After acceptance of the invitation by the recipient user, the request from the box for the received / sending invitations of both users is deleted and added to the list below which the result box is added. Maximum number of active games in the box is 10 results. If the capacity is completed, after completing the form and recording the result by the competitors, it will be possible to create or accept new competition.

Each competition in the results box has the features and buttons for announcing and registering the result, which is the same for both sides of the competition, and we will discuss them below:

Club feature: If the sending user has activated the invitation before sending the club competition option and chooses one of the selected clubs of Rezvani Game, then this option will be active when registering the result, and you will need to compete in the club. They will choose their own team from Rezvani Games Club and ask for confirmation of the club when making a competition by referring to the club's acceptance.

If the competition is correct, this is confirmed by the user accepting the club on the system. The advantage of a club competition is that club competitions deserve the competition as a club star.

Refereeing Feature: A refereeing feature is designed to confirm the authenticity of the competition and the identity of the parties to the competition. If the user submitting the invitation has enabled the referee option before being sent, then this option will be active when registering the result, and each side will have to take a picture when competing with their cellphone, and when recording the result using. Select the file from the file selection button and send it. photo submitted must have these conditions.

A: Take photos at the venue and during the competition. (For example, to play ping pong, the photo should be in such a way as to see the ping pong table in the image.)

B: Competitors must be present in the image, and the faces of both sides should be clearly seen. The important thing is that the account image should be the image of the user, otherwise the user's identity will not be confirmed by the referee and  will not receive the referee's star.

I won button: This button is active and selectable for both sides of the competition. If the first person to record the result will choose the button and the other party to the competition will select the lost button and then hit the register button; this competition is correct and accepted. If both sides of the competition choose the button, both sides of the alert (as described below) are taken and the competition is considered as an error game and recorded.

I Lost button: This button is also active and selectable for both sides of the competition. If the first person to record the result will choose the lost button and choose the other side of the competition, then click the register button; this competition is correct and accepted. If both sides of the competition choose the lost button, both parties will notice the warning (as described below) and the competition is considered as an error game and recorded.

The button of I was absent/I left the playing: This button is used when the user does not attend the competition at any time, or leave the ground for any reason when they are in the competition. If the first person that submit the result, select the button to absent/ leave the ground, and the other person in the competition, select :the opponent was absent / left the land, and then select the record button;

The button of opponent was absent / left the playing: This button is used when an opponent does not come to the competition at any time, or when leaving the competition for any reason, leave the ground. If the first person to submit the result, choose the opponent's button / leave the ground and the other side of the competition, select the button to absent / leave the playing, and then hit the record button. This report is correct and accepted, in which case the present side will be considered as the winner of the game and will receive 5 points, and the absent or distant user receives an alert. If both sides of the competition choose the opponent's button / leave the playing, this result is not accepted and both parties receive an alert and the competition is considered as an error game and recorded.

Submit button: At the end of the process, after completing the registration form, the user registers and sends the system by selecting the button to register the result. The important thing is that once the result is recorded by the first person, the second person has only 24 hours to record his or her desired result; otherwise, if the result is not recorded within the deadline, the user who has not recorded the result will receive an alert. And the user who registers the result in due time receives 3 points and is registered as a half-full competition.

Status: Next to the registration button, there is a section called status that is displayed after the completion of each process by different users, the latest status of the competition result.


In the bottom part of the results box, there are statistical information boxes that show the statistics to the user:

Game information: number of club competition, number of competitions with the referee, number of game members, total number of competitions performed.

Your rating: Score, Global rank, Country rank.

Your Games: The number of club competition, the number of rivals with the referee, the number of competition, the number of rivalries, the number of losing competitions, the total number of competitions performed.

Stars: Star Club Competition, Star Referee, Star Orbital.

Warnings: Error Competition Warning, Non-Resulting Alert, Ground / Ground Alert, Referee's Refusal Alert, No Confirmation of Club Competition Warning

4- Calculate Score and Ranking


Score are calculated in terms of winning and loss of competition. The winner of each competition earns 10 points.


Ranks are calculated based on points, and the user with the highest ranked first rank and the user with the lowest score is the last ranked holder. The number of ratings depends on the number of game members.

5- Calculation of stars and warnings

In Club Star

The star's component is a 5-star club. The criteria for getting a 5-star golden club are 70 club games in the last 100 days.

Refereeing Star

The refereeing star of the arbitration component has 5 stars and the gold standard for receiving 5 stars is 70 arbitration games in the last 100 days.

The law orbital Star

The law-orbital star has 5-star law-governor, and the 5-star gold standard is not receiving any alerts in the last 100 games. In other words, the five gold stars after the first competition will be active by default for the user and the star rating criterion is the alert ratio to the number of games, which is also ten to one.

6- Like popular user

Below the image of each user's avatar, a symbol of a heart is displayed, once added to it, a number is added to it, and the color of the heart symbol changes from colorless  to change color and turns red. If the heart symbol is re-selected, one number will be reduced and the heart symbol will be exited from the color mode.

7- Malicious user report

To report malicious users to system management, there is also a reporting button at the bottom of the account image. You can use this option if the user has used another person's photo or a pornographic image for his or her account. If the account information is correct, the victim will be blocked.